Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Favourite summer accessories

Hello guys & welcome back to my blog. 

This is just a quick post on what accessories that I wore a lot during the summer. This post was actually supposed to go up at the end of my summer holiday, I just never had the time to put it up. 

First thing on my list are my gold necklaces. The two coin ones are from Primark and the Africa pendant is from Aliexpress. The Primark coin necklaces are actually joint into one necklace and they are so pretty. It hasn't rusted yet and it goes with every single outfit that I wear. The Aliexpress Africa pendant is very pretty too but it has rusted very  unfortunately, because I wore it non stop. Also, it is too gold looking, to the point where it looks very cheap and fake.

African pendant // Aliexpress
Coin necklace // Primark (Alternative)
Ribbed turtleneck // H&M

I have no clue where most of these earrings are from guys, sorry. I took most of them from my mum's jewellery collection because she always takes mine lol. All I know is that the red tassel and the white tassle earrings are from Primark. I think the 'femme' earrings might be from Primark too. These earrings also made all my summer outfits pop as they are more of a statement piece.

Red sunglasses // @lookinbelle (on Instagram)
Red tassel earrings // Primark (alternative) 1, 2
Gold geo circle earrings// ? (alternative)
White tassle earrings// Primark (alternative) 1, 2

Thank you for reading this post, & I will see you in my next one. Bye!



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