Monday, 14 May 2018

Black & Grey

Hello everyone & welcome back to my blog!

I apologise for being MIA on all my social media accounts, I was revising for exams and I also had a ton of assignments to complete and submit. But, I am back now. This is going to be one of my weird, unorganised hauls, so be prepared lol.

As you guys already know, I am in the middle ( kind of) of doing a room makeover. I have not completed it at all but I wanted to share this picture with you guys of what my favourite place of my room is and how it looks like at the moment. My grey throw is from BHS, black fleece pillows come in twos and they are from Primark (£8) and the grey ones are also a two pack and they are also from Primark (£5). I know I have only had my bed for a year and a half but I am thinking of getting a new one. I will not be telling you guys what kind of bed because I want to be a surprise for my room makeover video that I have been filming and also for my room tour video and blog post, so stick around for that.


This picture was taken back in November, meaning that this post should have been up at that time but I was so busy with uni. Also, the Vans don't look like that anymore lol. these Old Skool platform Vans are from Foot Asylum and they were £55. They are so worth every penny. Not only are they stylish, but they are also mad comfortable, I have been wearing them since I got them.


My jeans are from next and they are so cool, I just couldn't capture the other side of them, but that's not the point here. The point here is that these heeled booties were £6 from Primark. That is such a bargain!
I still haven't worn these out yet so I can only give you the verdict on the style.

I was also supposed to feature my black puffer jacket and my grey/ black washed denim jacket in this post but I guess I never took a picture in them. So, definitely be on the lookout for those ootd's.

I really hope that you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading this post & I will see you in the next one, good bye!



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