Monday, 12 March 2018


 Top // H&M Men
Trousers // Boohoo
Puffer jacket // Aliexpress

 Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog!

I apologise for not blogging much but stress has taken over my life lol. I will be back very soon though.

Anyways, this look is one of my favourite lazy day/ very casual/ leisure outfit that I have ever worn. I got my red top from H&M, it was on sale in the men's department. I absolutely love the fit of it and just the whole vibe that it has.Maybe because lately, I feel like red is becoming the new black (I could be wrong). I've had the Vans since November but I kept forgetting to do a collective haul for you guys. It has honestly been one of my favourite trainers, I love the fit of Old Skool Vans and I also  feel like they fit better and are much more comfortable than the Sk8 Hi Vans. My Trousers are from Boohoo and Honestly, I will go and get them altered because

  1. they are too long for me ( you guys can even see that in the pics above)
  2. they are too wide and it makes me look bigger
  3. the crotch area is sooo low, its not even funny (you can't really tell in the pictures but in reality, it's really horrible) 
  4. I wish I went down a size or two :(
I mean, other than those issues that I have with those trousers, I really do like the style and the colour.  They also have the trousers in different coloured stripes/ panels; white, blue.& white, blue and white trio stripes/panels. 

I know this blog post was so rushed and probably very ill written but I have loads of assignments to complete, so thank you guys so much for reading this but I will see you in my next pot. Bye!



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