Tuesday, 2 January 2018

NYE outfit

 Kimono blazer // Aliexpress
Culottes // Aliexpress
Jewellery set // QUIZ (similar here
Heeled boots // Boohoo (similar here)

Hello everybody, & welcome back to my blog!

I hope you guys had a wonderful New years eve and a wonderful new years day. More blog posts will be up this year as 2017 was just a hot mess for me in every aspect lol but we are not going to talk about 2017 in this post. That is another post for another day. Stay tuned for that and the other posts that I will be publishing on this blog.

So, on the 31st of December I didn't go to any parties (I went to church instead lol) but this outfit is something I would have worn if I did. It's too cold for short sleeved stuff and sequins on NYE is getting boring and very cliche ( I am getting tired of seeing sequins and glitter every 31st of December, no offence) . I actually wore this outfit to a wedding that I went to in August because it is kind of our family tradition to go and spend our new years eve at church, but if it wasn't our tradition, I would have definitely worn this outfit to an end of the year party.

But yeah, I hope everyone had an amazing 2017 & I wish everyone an even better 2018. Thank you for reading my blog & thank you for supporting me in 2017, I will see you in my next post. Good bye!



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