Sunday, 10 December 2017


 Long sleeve tshirt // Primark similar (here)
Necklaces Primark ( similar here)
Tailored jogger trousers // Boohoo
Puffer jacket // Aliexpress
Trainers// Vans - Sk8 Hi from Schuh

 Hi guys,

Welcome back to my blog. I've noticed that all of my blog posts always start of with an apology for being MIA, but yeah lol. I am sorry.

This background and outfit go together so well. It is probably one of my favourite pictures, but too bad. I accidentally shot this in JPEG and not raw. It's making these picture look like I took it with my phone or something and I really dislike that. But what can I do lol? I'm too busy and too lazy to re-shoot an outfit, plus my personal photographer who I have taught quite well (my little brother), is very impatient and only likes taking pictures of me for personal gain ( personal gain as in a little photo-shoot with the boys in return) lol.

But anyways, enough with the random story\rant lol. So winter is coming and its coming really hard. It's bloody freezing lately but with this puffer jacket, Its kind of impossible to freeze lol. Its very padded, the hood is huge, it has a batwing and I like the crop/ cut of the jacket. The only downside is that it is a quarter sleeved jacket instead of having full sleeves. I've worn it so much that it has makeup and dye stains all over it, and so I've ordered another one as it it only £19.50
I wore these really nice boohoo jogger trousers with a simple, plain t shirt that I had bought from the Men's section of Primark and matched it with my very uncomfortable Sk8 Hi Vans.
(excuse the wig, it was a

Thank you very much for reading this post, & I will see you in the next one. Bye!



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