Sunday, 5 November 2017

Room decor haul

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog!

It's been such a long time since I've done a haul but to get back into it, I will do a home wear haul.

So many things have happened to me lately but I will probably talk about that in my other post because this post is going to be only about room decor/ home wear. This time last year I told you guys that me and my siblings swapped rooms before I left for uni. I wanted to make this room different from the last one.

I was supposed to have a room tour video or picture post (which ever you guys want, or both maybe?) but I can't as my room is not fully done yet. I still need new floors, new curtains, some shelves, paint my doors, more decorative pieces need to be purchased and also, some corners of my room are not fully painted but so far, so good. 

But for now, please enjoy these few decorative pieces that I bought for my room.


   1. Ugly ass plant that I really regret spending my money on. Oh btw, it's from Primark. This faux plant looks very faux & I regret spending my £5 on this lol. It doesn't look that bad in this angle but trust me, in real life it is (you can also see the Styrofoam that holds the flowers in place, ew) . Once I buy my shelve, I will put it on there but if I am still not feeling it, then I will have to give it to my brother who is also currently redecorating. I should have listened to my mum when she told me not to buy this. Never buy decorations when you don't have a concept for your room guys!

   2.  High pile rug // IKEA. I absolutely love this rug, It brings my room together and grey is also               my accent colour for my room. The rug was £10. (the rings do not come included)

3. Candles // Primark. I have never in my life, been into candles until I bought these two candles from Primark. I burn candles whenever I come back straight from uni. I bought the sea salt & lavender one only because of the tin/ packaging, so that I can put my rings in them. If it was not for the packaging, I would have never bought it because I hate the smell of lavender. It smells like old people and toilet stuff  *shrugs shoulders*.  The other one (the white marble candle) I bought because it looks and smells nice, I forgot what the scent was. I think it was sandalwood with something, not sure what it was.  If I finish the wax for the white candle, should I use the candle holder for another faux plant or not? because I was planning to not buy anymore faux plants and succulents for my room.

4. Another faux plant // Primark. Guys, look how beautiful and real this plant looks. The stones, the plant pot, everything is perfect. I absolutely love this. Now, this was worth the £5. This plant makes the other one look really cheap and ugly. 

    5. Monstera leaf (faux) // IKEA. I feel like you guys got the picture from when I included a lot of                     rooms that had monstera leaves on this blog post, I am so obsessed with them lol, I actually bought two. £3.50 for one leaf, I didn't mind paying, because to me they look real. 

6. Vase // IKEA. I love the colour, the height and most importantly, its abnormal shape. It was originally £15, then it went down to £8 and then I got it at £4. Bargain!

I really hope that you enjoyed this post, & I will see you in my next one. Bye!



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