Friday, 19 May 2017

I'm a bootaholic

Hello everyone & welcome back to my blog.

I know this is very random but I have a confession......I'm a bootaholic (yes, a bootaholic. I know what I said lol).

I love boots, I can wear them everyday with anything, up or down. I also wear them all year round  (yes, even in the blazing heat lol). I have this habit of buying ANY black boot that I lay my eyes on, I'm not even joking. Even if I am not too sure about them, I will still purchase them, why? because they are black and because they are boots which means they go with everything, right?. I slyly think that I need help. I normally hate buying things that I am not too sure about, because that is a waste of money, a waste of wardrobe or shoe box space. I hate looking through my shoe boxes and seeing boots that I have only worn once or have not even worn before. It makes me feel guilty & I also feel very disappointed in myself. But there is something magical about boots. I really have a soft spot for them lmao. There are times where I stop what I am doing just so that I can stare at my boots while smiling. I actually need help omg lol. Help me guys, lol.

I have so many boots and most of them I don't even wear anymore. Some of my boots are even still in their boxes meaning that I have never worn them before, which means that I have to give some away. Some day, when I finish collecting boots, I may do a boot collection to show you guys what I own.

Thank you guys for reading this really random post of mine and I will see you on the next post. Bye!



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