Tuesday, 20 December 2016

I am back!

 Blush pink teddy jacket - Everything5pounds
Grey jumper- H&M Men
Blush pink backpack - Primark ( similar here, here & here)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
I apologise for being MIA but a lot of things have been happening in my life, mostly bad things*sighs*.

 I have had so many uni assignments that were due this month, my uni accommodation doesn't have good lighting therefore I have not taken any outfit pictures for the past two months I tried, check my Instagram), I did not have a camera, nobody to take pictures of me, no tripod and so on. But I am back for now. I have one assignment left that is due for the 6th and I need to complete it and then after that, I will be finally free!
During the long break that I took I realised that blogging actually makes me feel better about a lot of things. It also cleanses my mind. Whenever I was going through hard times,I would always blog and I would feel a little bit better about the situation that I was in. Also, there is so much that is going on in this world right now. We have that horrible situation that is going on in Aleppo and I pray that everything is going to be okay and most importantly, I hope that the people of Aleppo are safe. Also, there is a silent holocaust happening in the DRC because the president does not want to leave He has been in "power" for over 10 years but he has not done anything right for Congo. The president, Kabila has banned all types of social media in Congo so that nobody publishes the horrid actions that is going on in the DRC. The soldiers have been stopping people on the streets and checking their phones to see if they have filmed or taken any pictures of the horrific events. If the soldiers find you with pictures/videos of what is going on, they will murder you so that you don't upload them online. In case you guys didn't know, I am of Congolese descent and I still have family living there. I normally communicated with my family members through Whatsapp or Messenger but because the president has banned social media, I cant communicate with my family members like I usually did. So everyone, please pray for Aleppo and please pray for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for the world!

I will try my best to put out good content for my blog this month and in 2017.

Thank you for reading this, have a happy holiday & I will see you in my next post, bye!


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