Friday, 3 April 2015


So today is a relaxed day for me. We closed school for the Easter holiday yesterday and I have so many essays and stuff to complete before I go back to school. My room is a mess but I'm just too lazy to clean it. Well, I might do it later.

Its been raining all day today but I kind of like the rain so I've left my windows open and there's birds chirping outside so I'm guessing they like the rain too 😂. The rainy weather is making me want to do an anime marathon. I might watch 'The garden of words' first because it's flipping amazing and it fits this rainy weather pretty well. And oh, I forgot to mention that I got a new leather cap in the mail last Saturday, it's so sports luxe and I just love it. I've been wearing it since it came in the mail but not in school because our dress code is 'smart casual'.

I hope you guys have a very happy Easter holidays and I'll see you in the post which might or might not be a March favourites post. Bye!


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