Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spring days

Hi everyone, this is just a random post of what I have been up to. I haven't been posting a lot because I have been a bit busy with school and other stuff. I quit my job because it was ridiculously hard and just ridiculous, period (most importantly, I had two very important exams in school that I had to study for). Whenever I got back from work, all I did was have a shower and after that fall asleep and wake up the next day. I was always exhausted that I couldn't do anything, which ,meant that I couldn't even do my school work. I also have not been blogging because I kind of ran out of ideas but now I am back on track, so its all good. Also at the moment, I don't have a tripod so that means that there will not be that many outfit posts(BOO! but I will be getting one soon so don't worry, everyone) 

(excuse the bad photography skills)

Now that I have finished rambling , I am going to talk a little bit about the pictures above. These are pictures that I have took myself (excuse the bad photography skills). I took some of them with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 mini) and some on my camera (Hitachi, I don't know the name of the model). Since I love photography as much as I love fashion, I will start be posting some of my photography and post about photographers that I love. I am not good at photographing at all as you guys can probably tell but I love it, so I will try my best to take good pictures with good angles etc etc. 
But anyways, this is the end of my post and I hope you enjoyed my novel (lol) and I hope you also like my photos. I will see you guys soon on my next post which will be the haul that I promised to do, bye guys!

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