Sunday, 8 March 2015

Haul: winter/spring

Hey everyone, this is the haul post that I promised to do. I apologies for not posting this earlier but some of the stuff that I had ordered had still not come but yeah, I hope you like this post and I'll see you in my next one.


 The first thing that I got is this black jumper with white writing on from H&M. It is really nice and I just love the fact that it has french writing on it. link to jumper

The second thing that I bought is this beautiful crop top from Primark. It has this organza over lay on it and the 3D splatter looking print on it makes it look perfect.I love the fit of it as well, its very boxy and structured. I bought the top for only £3.

I got these wonderful navy pinstriped culottes from Primark. They are so beautiful. They fit right and they feel really good as well. I can wear them up or even down and I got them on sale, they went from £14 to £1. I also got these black and white slip on sandals also from Primark and they cost £3.

I got this black floral babydoll dress from Primark and I like the colours of this dress but the best part of the dress is the back. I really love the back detail. I got the dress for £5.

I also got this T-shirt dress from Primark and it is so comfortable and I literally throw on this dress when the weather is good because it is THAT comfortable. This dress is very versatile, I wear it with heels, trainers and sandals. The dress was £6.

The last thing that I got from Primark are these patchwork jeans and I got them for £7. Whenever I wear these jeans, I get compliments. I honestly think that they have become one of my favourite jeans. They fit me really well and they are so comfortable, I wear them all the time.

These are the ripped jeans of my dreams. These are the best ripped jeans that I have ever seen. I got these jeans from and they cost me £5. I just cant wait to wear them.

These boots are also from and also sells these boots. I love these boots just because they are beautiful and they give me hight. oh yeah, they're comfortable too.

These beauties are from and they were £5. They remind me so much of Jeffrey Campbell "solitaire" heels. I've always wanted the Jeffrey Campbell "solitaire" but I could not afford them and I looked everywhere for similar shoes until I found the beauts. I am going to look for an event just so that I can wear these.  

The last thing that I ordered from are these babies. These boots are on my feet all the time as you can tell. They are so comfortable and they give me a lot of height. They cost £5.

I got this herringbone twill coat from and I really like this coat. I love the fit on me and how it has a mandarin collar and it is quiet warm but the downside of this is that it have no pockets.

Last but not least is this leather shopping bag that I got from


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