Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Photography friday: Li Hui

Hey guys, I've decided that I will be postinga new segment called photography fridays/ photography crushes. I dont know guys, what to you think that I should call it? and should I only post them on Fridays?
The posts will be about certain photographers and how I have a crush on their work. Not crush as in I have a crush on them lol but crush as in appreciation ( I don't even know why I had to clarify that lol.) But yeah, the first photographer is Li Hui. Her work is amazing, her photos are very dreamy. I think that the pictures speak for themselves. Like, they each tell a different story. Check out her work below.
her website:

night swim 2014

early spring
website updated/

sunny afternoon
november 2011

(photos took from Li Hui's tumblr)

 Check her out on her Tumblr and website!
her website:

Thank you guys for reading and I will see you in my next post. Bye, have a good weekend!


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