Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October favourites/ random hauls

Hey guys, this is just  post about what I've liked for the past month or two. It's kind of like a monthly favourites post but more random lol.

I got this Bluey, purpley nail varnish from Avon in august and its called 'Blue Morph'. I absolutely love it. I just love how nice the colour looks on me and how it nearly goes with everything I wear. But the thing that i dislike about it is that it chips really fast and that I have to put about 5-8 layers of the nail varnish for me to get this colour.

The second favourite of the month is this white minimal jumper from H&M. I got it in a size M because I wanted it to be a bit oversized on me. I love how it has cheesy french words written on it 'Mon coeur,Mon amour' which means 'my heart, my love'. It's really comfortable and I also like how I can wear this jumper up or down.

The third favourites are these lovely hologram slip on shoes from Primark and I only got them for £6 (they were on sale from £12 to £6). The quality is really good and they are really comfortable as well. They also match my H&M nail varnish 'jo is in the house'.

My forth favourites (all from primark) are these dungarees, necklace and  rings. The denim dungarees are from Primark. I got them on sale, they were £17 but they went down to £3.  I had to get them because the price was good, they are comfortable and I just love dungarees! 
My other favs are my new midi rings and just normal rings. I like them because they are silver and they go with everything and they are just simple.
I also love my new silver necklace. It has rhinestones and it just goes with every outfit that I own and it's very simple looking.

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Last but not least  are my new Nike free run 2 shoes That I just got for my birthday today. they are really comfortable, very light weighted and very stylish. you can wear them up or down.

Stay tuned because I might make some outfit posts with the items from this post. thanks for reading, bye!


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