Friday, 15 August 2014


Hey guys, today I've decided to post a haul and  I wanted to show you what I've bought lately.

I know what you guys are thinking  "Steffi I swear you already have these boots"
the answer is yes I do, but because my other pairs were getting so old and decided to get me some other pair because I just love them and they also remind me of the Chloè 'susanna' boots (always wanted them but can't afford it ). I got it from a shop in Birmingham called 'Hypnotic'.

Okay, so I know that bomber jackets are not everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love this one. I like how the red badge is placed. I got this from Hidden for only £8.99!
To be honest with you guys, I was not a big fan of bomber jackets at all until I saw Cindy from Cindy Les sporting some bomber jackets. She makes bomber jackets look amazing and I just love her style.
check out Cindy's posts here:

I got these burgundy cut out boots from Hidden and I absolutely love them, omg they are so comfortable,very affordable and I just love the colour.

I got these babies from TK Maxx and I fall inlove with these every time I look at them. they are so comfortable and very chic. they kind of remind me of the Zara boots  and also the Givenchy boots.
The boots costs £20.00

When I saw these boots I thought they were really horrible but nice at the same time lol. It cought my eyes when I saw them and it didnt cost a lot either. I got them from a shop in Birmingham called 'Hypnotic' and they were only £8.99 guys, £8.99!

As soon as I saw these heels I wanted to buy them (because I've always wanted them). they are just beautiful and surprisingly comfy. They are from Hidden  but the sad thing about these beauties are that my size (size 6) was sold out so I just  bought a size 7 (size 7 was only available on the site ).


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