Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Favourite summer accessories

Hello guys & welcome back to my blog. 

This is just a quick post on what accessories that I wore a lot during the summer. This post was actually supposed to go up at the end of my summer holiday, I just never had the time to put it up. 

First thing on my list are my gold necklaces. The two coin ones are from Primark and the Africa pendant is from Aliexpress. The Primark coin necklaces are actually joint into one necklace and they are so pretty. It hasn't rusted yet and it goes with every single outfit that I wear. The Aliexpress Africa pendant is very pretty too but it has rusted very  unfortunately, because I wore it non stop. Also, it is too gold looking, to the point where it looks very cheap and fake.

African pendant // Aliexpress
Coin necklace // Primark (Alternative)
Ribbed turtleneck // H&M

I have no clue where most of these earrings are from guys, sorry. I took most of them from my mum's jewellery collection because she always takes mine lol. All I know is that the red tassel and the white tassle earrings are from Primark. I think the 'femme' earrings might be from Primark too. These earrings also made all my summer outfits pop as they are more of a statement piece.

Red sunglasses // @lookinbelle (on Instagram)
Red tassel earrings // Primark (alternative) 1, 2
Gold geo circle earrings// ? (alternative)
White tassle earrings// Primark (alternative) 1, 2

Thank you for reading this post, & I will see you in my next one. Bye!



Monday, 24 September 2018


Beret // Ebay 
Babydoll dress // Primark
Sunglasses // @lookinbelle (on Instagram)
Socks // Adidas
Trainers // Old Skool Vans - FootAsylum

 Hello guys, and welcome back to my blog!

So many things has happened to me during this summer and one of the things that happened was my camera. Somebody damaged  my camera, meaning that I cant take pictures for my blog or Instagram. There is also no Wifi at home, the router box thingy is damaged (currently writing this messy blog post at my aunt's house). These pictures were taken last month in August when I was in Brussels for a bit. Makeup free and wore a comfortable dress because it was so hot and so sunny.

I have so many blog posts to write and upload once the Wifi is up and running again at home.

(I will update/ add links to my outfit soon)

Thank you so much for reading this horrible, messy and unorganised blog post and I will see you in my next post. Bye!



Monday, 14 May 2018

Black & Grey

Hello everyone & welcome back to my blog!

I apologise for being MIA on all my social media accounts, I was revising for exams and I also had a ton of assignments to complete and submit. But, I am back now. This is going to be one of my weird, unorganised hauls, so be prepared lol.

As you guys already know, I am in the middle ( kind of) of doing a room makeover. I have not completed it at all but I wanted to share this picture with you guys of what my favourite place of my room is and how it looks like at the moment. My grey throw is from BHS, black fleece pillows come in twos and they are from Primark (£8) and the grey ones are also a two pack and they are also from Primark (£5). I know I have only had my bed for a year and a half but I am thinking of getting a new one. I will not be telling you guys what kind of bed because I want to be a surprise for my room makeover video that I have been filming and also for my room tour video and blog post, so stick around for that.


This picture was taken back in November, meaning that this post should have been up at that time but I was so busy with uni. Also, the Vans don't look like that anymore lol. these Old Skool platform Vans are from Foot Asylum and they were £55. They are so worth every penny. Not only are they stylish, but they are also mad comfortable, I have been wearing them since I got them.


My jeans are from next and they are so cool, I just couldn't capture the other side of them, but that's not the point here. The point here is that these heeled booties were £6 from Primark. That is such a bargain!
I still haven't worn these out yet so I can only give you the verdict on the style.

I was also supposed to feature my black puffer jacket and my grey/ black washed denim jacket in this post but I guess I never took a picture in them. So, definitely be on the lookout for those ootd's.

I really hope that you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading this post & I will see you in the next one, good bye!



Monday, 12 March 2018


 Top // H&M Men
Trousers // Boohoo
Puffer jacket // Aliexpress

 Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog!

I apologise for not blogging much but stress has taken over my life lol. I will be back very soon though.

Anyways, this look is one of my favourite lazy day/ very casual/ leisure outfit that I have ever worn. I got my red top from H&M, it was on sale in the men's department. I absolutely love the fit of it and just the whole vibe that it has.Maybe because lately, I feel like red is becoming the new black (I could be wrong). I've had the Vans since November but I kept forgetting to do a collective haul for you guys. It has honestly been one of my favourite trainers, I love the fit of Old Skool Vans and I also  feel like they fit better and are much more comfortable than the Sk8 Hi Vans. My Trousers are from Boohoo and Honestly, I will go and get them altered because

  1. they are too long for me ( you guys can even see that in the pics above)
  2. they are too wide and it makes me look bigger
  3. the crotch area is sooo low, its not even funny (you can't really tell in the pictures but in reality, it's really horrible) 
  4. I wish I went down a size or two :(
I mean, other than those issues that I have with those trousers, I really do like the style and the colour.  They also have the trousers in different coloured stripes/ panels; white, blue.& white, blue and white trio stripes/panels. 

I know this blog post was so rushed and probably very ill written but I have loads of assignments to complete, so thank you guys so much for reading this but I will see you in my next pot. Bye!



Tuesday, 30 January 2018

17 18

super lengthy post ahead!

Turtle neck // H&M
Shirt // Vintage
Formal joggers // George
Ankle boots // Primark (I think. idk lol)

So 2017 was my worst year yet. I wont really get into too much details but it was honestly the worst.

When I started first year of university in 2016, I was doing really good to be honest but from December 2016 to April 2017, my studies went down hill and they went down hill because there was a lot of things going on at home. I lived on campus, which meant that everything that happened at home, I wouldn't know unless somebody at home called me.OOH, the cherry on the cake, on top of everything going on at home, my grandmother passes away. My grandmother was ill but I honestly didn't expect for her to die. Plus I found out about her death in the worst way. My brother had Whatsapp'd me saying "Grandma just died". I was in my uni accommodation by my self, I started crying so hard that I even vomited. Another death that hurt me was Kim Jonghyun from SHINee. You guys, SHINee was one of the first K-pop groups that I got into. Even though I am no longer interested in K-pop ( I never really was. My friends forced me. I only liked a few groups, not even gonna lie), his death really hit home. Rest in Peace.

 Fast forward to summer, I move back home and as the days was going by, the situation kept getting worse. As the situation was getting worse, I had also lost my faith and my beliefs.

The situation was honestly depressing me, so it resulted me to binge eating. I would over eat during the summer to suppress my feelings. I didn't go out or work in the summer either which meant that I put on soooooooo much weight guys. I haven't weight my self on a scale because I am scared to see the numbers but I already know that I have gained a lot of weight because not only can I see it. I can feel it and its the worse ever. I have also been dealing with low confidence since I put on weight in the summer. It's driving me crazy. I have dealt with body confidence issues when I was 14, so the one that I am currently dealing with isn't as bad.

My uni work in 2017 was the worst too. This is second year now and I was having problems with my accommodation ( I still am) , I couldn't send my assignment on time because of technical difficulties, I missed my group presentation due to snow and my first term grades are honestly a hot mess. Nothing was working in my favour at all. I know I may sound like a brat from that statement but honestly, nothing, AT ALL was going in my favour. 2018 comes and I am still dealing with last years problems. As soon as I stepped into 2018, I got ill. I have been ill for the past 2 weeks and a week before me being ill, I was in a slump. Also, I have no wifi at home, so I am currently house hopping lmao.

Now that I have briefly told you the bad things that happened to me, I will bullet point you guys the good things that had happened in my life in 2017  and earlier on this month( if I can remember).


  • I met some very good people that are now my close friends, shout out to you guys (you guys know who you are.)
  • my uncle got engaged
  • Even though I did horrible in 1st year uni, I managed to get into 2nd year
  • I got baptised
  • I got a new camera
  • I started my room makeover
  • despite my beloved grandma passing away, everyone else in my family is okay & alive
  • I am still breathing
  • I am working on my mental health 
  • trying to stop being a pessimist 

This post is very different from what I usually post and that is because I wanted to be more "open" about myself and even though this post is lowkey, high key a rant, I hope that it helps someone out there reading this. 

"There is always a light at the end of the tunnel so please, keep on riding it. While you are at it, enjoy the ride. Enjoy it so that when you get off of the ride, you can look back and have wonderful, bittersweet memories of that ride. Enjoy it while you can. " - A horrible nonsensical cringy but true quote by me

Anyways, In  Jesus name, February & onward will be my month.  I will work really hard to make this year a good year. Not just for me but for everyone else.

I know this post is super late, but I hope you liked it & I will see you in my next post, goodbye!

(PS, my spelling and grammar is trash I know. I didn't even get time to proof read this. Okay, I'm going now)



Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Favourite outfits of 2017!

Hello everybody, happy new year!
2017 was a horrible year for me & in general too but like I said in my previous post, that is another post for another day lol. This year, I didn't take a lot of outfit pictures nor did I blog much so I only have about 3 outfits that were my favourite in 2017. 

I have the links for the outfits attached to the photos Please leave a comment and tell me which 2017 look was your favourite , thank you!

 Thank you for reading my blog & thank you for supporting me in 2017, I will see you in my next post. Good bye!


NYE outfit

 Kimono blazer // Aliexpress
Culottes // Aliexpress
Jewellery set // QUIZ (similar here
Heeled boots // Boohoo (similar here)

Hello everybody, & welcome back to my blog!

I hope you guys had a wonderful New years eve and a wonderful new years day. More blog posts will be up this year as 2017 was just a hot mess for me in every aspect lol but we are not going to talk about 2017 in this post. That is another post for another day. Stay tuned for that and the other posts that I will be publishing on this blog.

So, on the 31st of December I didn't go to any parties (I went to church instead lol) but this outfit is something I would have worn if I did. It's too cold for short sleeved stuff and sequins on NYE is getting boring and very cliche ( I am getting tired of seeing sequins and glitter every 31st of December, no offence) . I actually wore this outfit to a wedding that I went to in August because it is kind of our family tradition to go and spend our new years eve at church, but if it wasn't our tradition, I would have definitely worn this outfit to an end of the year party.

But yeah, I hope everyone had an amazing 2017 & I wish everyone an even better 2018. Thank you for reading my blog & thank you for supporting me in 2017, I will see you in my next post. Good bye!


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